Just like you, we’re passionate about all kinds of things and have a wide variety of interests. Too much of any one activity leaves us missing out on another, always wondering if the other was better. A healthy dose of all things in a balanced way keeps our right brain feeling good and the left brain knowing it’s all good. We sum it all up in one word: balance. It’s just what we do.

We love to get involved, but we just simply can’t do it all. Our favorite sponsorships are the ones where we can be present, talking about our beer and aligning our core values with the organizations that we partner with. Please don’t take it personally when we have to gracefully decline. Check out our guidelines below:

Any and all sponsorship requests which are less than one month out will be automatically declined. We appreciate as much time as possible, especially if it’s not local.

Non-Colorado – because every state has their own laws, and distribution issues – our primary focus is in CO, but we’re open to hearing events from around the country.

  • We do not give financial donations.
  • We do not do any equipment rentals.

We do not sponsor:

  • Team Sports/Athletes
  • Schools Auctions or Functions (c’mon people, we sell beer!)
  • Political Organizations (we don’t want to choose sides)
  • Religious Organizations (again, we don’t want to choose sides)
  • Motorsports
Nothing to see here. Move along, move along...