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Team Left Hand Brewing is a group of employees and friends dedicated to solving the riddle that is Multiple Sclerosis. Since 2008, we have raised over $1 Million, and won’t stop riding or fundraising until MS stands for Mystery Solved. We hope you’ll consider joining us to raise funds & awareness for the millions of people around the world that are fighting this disease today. We support several MS Chapter rides around the country, with most covering 150 miles from the Colorado Rockies to the sandy beaches of Florida.

In 2015 we participated in 4 Bike MS rides: Newmont Ride, Colorado; Buckeye Breakaway Ride, Ohio; PGA TOUR Cycle to the Shore Ride, Florida; Breakaway to the Beach Ride, North & South Carolina.

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Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body and stops people from moving. Imagine a time when you’ve exerted your body to exhaustion – maybe your legs felt like they couldn’t support your weight, your arms ached from the inside out and cooking dinner seemed like a tremendous task, or maybe you were too exhausted to shovel your driveway. You were fortunate to have the opportunity to decide to exert yourself – for individuals living with MS, without exertion, these feelings can be their everyday reality. With the help of people like you, the National MS Society addresses the challenges of each person whose life is affected by MS and helps them stay connected to the great big moving world.

What team members are saying

“Team Left Hand has a great reputation as a team that cares about its riders, providing assistance before and during the MS 150. They certainly lived up to their rep this year, my first with the team. I look forward to riding with them again! Best party tent!!!”
– Michael Hoffman

“As a person with MS riding with Team Left Hand was an experience I will never forget. The team was so supportive and helpful throughout the entire ride. I still wear my team jersey out on weekend rides and always get high fives, waves and cheers. The team has such a great reputation in the cycling community and I look forward to many more years of riding with them.”
– Joey Shimp

“Being part of Team Left Hand was a huge amount of fun. Through it all, though, they never lost sight of the fact that we were there to do a job, raise some money, and help put an end to MS. A tremendously inspirational team to be a part of.”
-Craig Abramson

“Team Left Hand is one of the most recognized teams on the MS ride. The brewery is already a local favorite so a lot of the non-team riders come talk to us or joke with us about having a beer.  The jerseys are always a hit and extremely noticeable on the course.  Being on the team and riding Bike MS is one of the highlights of the year – every year!”
– Steve Hartsock

“I’m a 20 year Bike MS participant and I’ve been on a team for 11 of those years. The Team Left Hand experience was far and away the best! GREAT team spirit and really cool people! Chris is a truly committed team captain and as shown by our fundraising results – we all want to find a cure for MS!”
– Rick Zwetsch

“Riding on Team Left Hand is the most amazing and fun experience I have had while riding charity rides in Colorado. It is really a well-integrated team….you ride with your friends…..and you benefit your community at the same time. I would be proud to see my employer be a (co)-sponsor for this Team.”
– Frank Olsen

“Bike MS is a crucial event in raising awareness and funds to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis; a cause dear to my family.  After riding alone my first year, I wanted to join a team to make riding 150-miles more fun!  Now, I’ve ridden on Team Left Hand Brewing 3 years and I can’t wait until the 2012 event!  Team LHB does incredible work in so many ways, including searching out and working with sponsors, inspiring spirit and camaraderie within the team of riders, and supporting fundraising clinics and events.  New to Colorado, it’s been great to make friends on the LHB team, and the 150-mile saddle time is more enjoyable too!”
– Karen Whittier

“Riding with Left Hand last year was amazing. I was supported from start to finish including training rides, advice and who wouldn’t want to wear that jersey? It feels good to represent an awesome organization like Bike MS with the backing of a company that is so organized and dedicated to the community the way Left Hand is. I can’t wait to ride next year!”
– Ashley Barey



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