Travelin’ Light with Left Hand @ CBC in DC!

Join Left Hand at CBC this April!

Travelin’ Light (at CBC) is the only way to fly!

Come meet Gooch, Left Hand’s DC (+ MD + VA) beer hero, and try Travelin’ Light—a new Kölsch-Style Ale.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon Rooftop

pouring Travelin’ Light Kölsch, Extrovert IPA, Milk Stout Nitro

Mon, Apr 10, 5–7pm @ Drafting Table

Looking to meet some of the faces behind Left Hand Brewing Company? If so, meet us at Drafting Table on Monday April 10th from 5–7pm. A few of the employee owners from Left Hand Brewing Co. will be making their way to Drafting Table in Washington DC to tell stories and kick off the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC.

Mon, Apr 10, 7pm–close @ RFD

Come out to RFD to support Left Hand and Colorado in the CaliMichiRado IPA challenge at RFD in Washington DC during the Craft Brewers Conference. Extrovert will be flowing off the taps as we celebrate the biggest style in Craft beer. Also get your hands on some Travelin’ Light Kölsch!

Tue, Apr 11, 6–10pm @ Boundary Stone

Head over to Boundary Stone around 6pm on Tuesday 4/11 to meet the folks from Left Hand Brewing Company. Get your hands on Travelin’ Light Kölsch and have some conversation with the folks that make our beers possible.

Wed, Apr 12, 5–9pm @ Board Room

Test your connect 4 skills during CBC with Board Room and Left Hand Brewing Company. Enjoy pints of Milk Stout Nitro and Travelin’ Light Kölsch.


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Oregon Launch WEEK!

Left Hand Brewing is coming to Oregon! We have opened distribution in partnership with General Distributors!

Join us for LAUNCH WEEK at the events below and meet some of the brewery team!

Mon, Apr 3, 4–7pm @ Growler Run, Oregon City

A full week of launch events around In Oregon starts off on Monday April 3rd at Growler Run in Oregon City from 4–7pm. Come meet some of the brewery team and try some of our favorite beers: Wake Up Dead, Saison au Miel, Extrovert IPA, Well Played Red IPA

Tues, Apr 4, 6–9pm @ Alberta Street Pub, Portland

Our week of Oregon launch events continues on Tuesday April 4th at Alberta Street Pub from 6–9pm. Come hangout with staff from the brewery, while you drink some of our favorite beers.

Tues, Apr 4, 6–9pm @ Concordia Ale House, Portland

Our week of Oregon Launch Events continues on Tuesday at Concordia Ale House from 6–9pm. Along with a selection of our favorite beers, there will be staff from the brewery and a chance at some prizes! We’ll be pouring Travelin’ Light Kölsch, Polestar Pilsner, Well Played Red IPA, Extrovert IPA, and have Milk Stout Nitro Bottles so we can all #PourHard!

Wed, Apr 5, 5–7pm @ Growler Guys, Portland

Our mid-launch-week Party continues on Wednesday April 5th at Portland’s southwest riverside Growler Guys from 5–7pm. Come meet staff from the brewery and enjoy some of their favorite beers: Milk Stout, Sawtooth, St Vrain, and Well Played Red IPA!

Wed, Apr 5, 5–8pm @ Saraveza, Portland

Celebrate day 3 of our Oregon Launch week with us at Saraveza from 5 to 8pm. Staff from the brewery will be on hand with their favorite beers: Polestar Pilsner, Bittersweet Imperial Coffee Milk Stout, Introvert IPA on draft plus the iconic Milk Stout Nitro in the bottle. Come and let us teach you to #POURHARD

Wed, Apr 5, 6–9pm @ Lombard House, Portland

Celebrate day 3 of our Oregon Launch week at Lombard house from 6–9pm. Some staff from the brewery will be on hand with their favorite beers, plus a chance to win some prizes!

Thur, Apr 6, 6–9pm @ Ridgewalker Brewing Co., Forest Grove

The 4th day of Left Hand’s Oregon Launch week finds us in Forest Grove at the Ridgewalker Brewing Company from 6–9pm. There will be someone from the brewery there to share their favorite Left Hand beers with you, as well as the chance to win some prizes from Left Hand Brewing Co!

Thur, Apr 6, 7–9pm @ The Growlerie, Beaverton

Thursday of Oregon Launch Week for Left Hand Brewing finds us at the Growlerie in Beaverton from 7–9pm. Come and enjoy our beers with some of the brewery staff and have a chance to win some prizes!

Thur, Apr 6, 7–9pm @ Beer Station, Wilsonville

The 4th day of Left Hand’s Oregon Launch Week finds us in Wilsonville at The Beer Station from 7–9pm. Brewery staff will be on hand to talk about the beers. On tap will be: Wake Up Dead Russian Imperial Stout, Sawtooth Ale, and Extrovert IPA.

Fri, Apr 7, 4–7pm @ Hollywood Beverage, Portland

On Friday of Left Hand’s Oregon launch week we will have at tasting event at Hollywood Beverage in Portland from 4–7pm. Come meet a representative from the brewery and try some of our favorite beers.

Sat, Apr 8, 1–3pm @ Cheese Bar, Portland

Saturday afternoon of Left Hand’s Oregon Launch Week will find Left Hand at Cheese Bar in Portland from 1–3pm, enjoying a cheese paired beer tasting. Portland’s own cheese monger will have paired a selection for Left Hand beers with the perfect cheese to accompany it. Come and try a sample and then relax with a pint and a cheese board.

Sat, Apr 8, 7–9pm @ 649 Taphouse, Aloha

Left Hand’s Oregon Launch Week concludes with our final event at 649 Taphouse from 7–9pm Saturday night. Come enjoy a pint with a representative from the brewery and have a chance to win prizes from Left Hand!

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Brewer’s Exchange: Henry’s Blog Part 1

From January through March, Francesca Guzzetti of Northern Italy’s Birrificio Italiano and Henry Myers of Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing will step into the other’s shoes, experiencing each brewery’s operations and culture. 

Alright, I’d like to start this off by saying I’m not a blogger nor am I a writer. I’m just an alright brewer who’s good at drinking beer and loves to talk about it. Now that we have that straight, I’m Henry Myers at the brewery everyone calls me “Hank”. I have worked at Left Hand Brewing for 7 years. I started at Left Hand on the packaging line, was a brewer for a couple of years, and now I’m the Cellar manager. I love drinking good beer, eating great food and most of all I love enjoying both of those with great people.

Being a part of this brewer’s exchange is absolutely an honor and I still can’t believe it’s true even after being in Italy for more than a week. Thanks Birrificio Italiano and Left Hand!

One of the things that I was most worried about was not being able to speak Italian with everyone at the brewery. As soon as I got here I realized that most of the people at the brewery could speak some English (some great) and some Spanish. It was so nice that everyone was helping me out by speaking English! Thanks Birrificio Italiano! One of the nicest things about brewing is that it is a universal language, so even if we couldn’t speak the same language we all understand what the other is doing or trying to stay.

One thing that Fra talked about in her blog was that size difference in the two breweries. Fra told me that their brewery was super small. That is not the case, yeah they don’t make a shit load of beer, but it’s not a small operation at their brewery. It’s a full blown Microbrewery! All the people at the brewery are super passionate about what they are doing and really care about the beers they’re making. They brew 5 days a week one brew a day about 23 HL (~20 BBL’s) batches, lots of Dry Hopping, no filtration, Bottle/Keg their beers in many different sizes, do a lot of fun and different barrel age beers. One of the nice things about their brewery is that they only run one shift, so everyone knows what’s going on because they’re all there working together. No 2nd shift or 3rd shift hand offs everyone knows what the other person is doing. They meet in the morning at the begin of their shift to figure out what needs to get done, then it’s off to the races. One other thing that is nice is that I get to say goodnight to all the beer in tank. Fra and I do a walk around the cellar at the end of the day and check tank pressure, if everything is clean, if everything is off and if everything is put away. Then it lights out Ciao, Buona notte!

Now let’s talk food. Wow!!! Everything is unbelievable! The pasta is unreal, but the best of them all is Pizzoccheri (pasta made with Buckwheat) cooked in a Parmesan Reggiano, garlic, brown butter sauce with potato’s. My mouth is watering writing this. Pizza is the greatest food item to ever be made and Italy does it damn well! Needless to say I have had a couple pizzas so far. The prosciutto here is absolutely wonderful!!!


Henry Myers Aka “Hank”

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