Wekken Sour

Something special is coming this way…

wekken-sourEvery year, De Proef Brouwerji of Lochristi, Belgium offers a new addition to their coveted Brewmaster’s Collaboration. For 2015, Left Hand Brewing and our co-founder Eric Wallace had the great privilege of being this year’s guest brewery in the series. Dirk Naudis of De Proef Brouwerji and Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing are proud to announce Wekken Sour, brewed with our renown Wake Up Dead Russian Imperial Stout and De Proef’s Zoetzuur Flanders Red style! This beer will available in limited quantities in our Colorado Tasting Room or can be purchased via the Beer of the Month Club nationally.

Read more from the Beer of the Month Club: 
“The first thing we discussed on tasting this beer was how good that blending session had to be. You’re taking Left Hand’s massive, deeply nuanced imperial stout—a chewy mixture of raisins, dark chocolate, cocoa, and licorice—and bringing it together with what seems to be an ideal counterpoint for this sort of beer. De Proef’s Zoetzuur is one of our favorite takes on the Flanders red style, with bright acidity and chewiness that does its sweet + sour right. We were continually impressed by how this collab feels like more than the sum of its parts.

This pours a deep, chocolate-brown color, mostly opaque. There’s a creamy, light-tan head on top of things, reasonably well formed and providing some nice lacing. If there’s a main, composite view we kept coming back to with Wekken Sour, it was the sensory execution of a milk chocolate-covered cherry: aromatics offer up some rich cocoa, set alongside the dark and juicy cherry qualities of the Zoetzuur. And this doesn’t seem overly heavy, and certainly not syrupy. Instead that toasty undercurrent of the Left for Dead offers some really nice lift: toasted marshmallow, cake ice cream cone, plus a rich cherry quality that feels like ripe fruit.”