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Left Hand Nitro Series

Different gas. Different pour.
Check out how to pour a Left Hand Nitro beer.

How to pour the perfect Left Hand Nitro
Serve cold. Use a 16oz glass. Pour hard at a 180° angle. Admire & enjoy!

Bell. Saw. Skull. The choice is yours.


The Left Hand Nitro Series includes Milk Stout Nitro, Sawtooth Nitro, and Wake Up Dead Nitro.
On the first night of the 2011 Great American Beer Festival, Left Hand changed craft beer history forever with the introduction of Milk Stout Nitro in a bottle. Left Hand is both the first American and the first craft brewery to master the science of bottling a Nitrogen beer without a widget. Two years later, we expanded the bottled Nitro series with Sawtooth Nitro and Wake Up Dead Nitro. To our fortune & delight, the beers have met with overwhelming excitement and reception, as fans can now enjoy the draft experience of a Nitro beer from home!

The Difference between a CO2 & A Nitrogen Beer

All of our Nitro beers both contain the same ingredients as their classic CO2 equivalents and are meant to be highly similar. The main difference is mouthfeel. Traditional CO2 beers have a much greater carbonic bite compared to the much smoother Nitro series. The addition of Nitrogen to a beer gives way to much smaller bubbles, creating a smoother, creamier experience. Beyond mouthfeel, there are variances in appearance and smell as well. Take Classic Milk Stout and Milk Stout Nitro. Visually, you will notice that as you pour Classic Milk Stout, it behaves like a normal beer with an instantaneous mahogany body and receding taupe head. As you hard pour Milk Stout Nitro, the beer will immediately begin to cascade, settling to reveal the body and developing a thick, billowy, off white head on top. In regards to smell and taste, Classic Milk Stout overall has a greater nose, as well as a more roasty character and a very slight hop bitterness. Milk Stout Nitro has a more creamy mocha essence throughout the beer, with no noticeable hop element.

Which is the best? That is entirely up to you and we encourage everyone to try Sawtooth Nitro and Wake Up Dead Nitro alongside their CO2 editions as well! As our VP of Brewing Operations, Joe Schiraldi says, “It’s a great exercise in how changing one parameter can affect the flavor of the beer.” Cheers and enjoy!

3 Nitro Bottles plus Glass

Photo Credit: Jim Galligan
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